Wiking 37109 Unimog U 406 "Gasolin"

Unimog U 406 "Gasolin"

Unimog U 406 "Gasolin"


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Unimog U 406 "Gasolin".

Heating oil and diesel were delivered everywhere by the Gasolin Unimog Regional fuel depots a long distance away from Gasolin’s headquarters in Hanover used to be a common sight. They ensured supply to the customer - using, among other vehicles, the Unimog 406 with demountable tank, especially when the route to the customer led over difficult terrain. Today, the fuel brand is a classic, even though there are no traces of its operation anywhere today.

Who would have ever thought that the “Gasolin” logo used to label 3,500 fuel stations in Western Germany! The density of the network of fuel pumps at the time called for daily deliveries by tankers with different filling capacities. The fact that the red and white brand colours of the “Gasolin” company eventually fell victim to the mineral oil industry and were substituted by the blue of the Aral Corporation adds yet another remarkable chapter to the history of fuel stations, which WIKING frequently honours by devoting new products to it.


Fuel delivery vehicle with old brand colours

Driver's cab with chassis plus cardan shaft, flatbed and wheel rims carmine red. Flatbed insert silver grey, interior with steering wheel anthracite grey. Upper tank section white, lower tank section carmine red. Radiator grille with Mercedes-Benz star and ornamental strips painted silver. Unimog lettering printed silver on the bonnet. Driver's cab with Gasolin logo in carmine-red-black. Gasolin logo on the rear likewise in carmine-red-black.


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