Wiking 00628 WIKING "Magazine 2021"

WIKING "Magazine 2021"

WIKING 'Magazine 2021'

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WIKING 'Magazine 2021'

Exclusive background stories about WIKING and their models

This year's brand bible is coming to your table fresh off the presses the WIKING MAGAZINE 2021 tells stories that give you a behind-the-scenes look like no other brand in model making. Attesting to this fact is the composition of the themes, which has led to the juxtaposition of reports on miniatures and backgrounds with the model chronology relating to caravans and camper vans. This time, the magazine places the focus of attention equally on the Clark forklift truck and the Normag Faktor I, relating the story as to how the large industrial models of the first post-war decade came to be moulded into 1:87 miniatures 60 years later. The magazine also reports on WIKINGs approach to applying their model-making expertise to the Mercedes-Benz service and on how the Henschel HS 140 was turned into a 1:87 bonnet truck giant. The latest edition also takes the 100 years of the Sieper Group of Companies as an opportunity to recall in great detail how WIKING was integrated into the Lüdenscheid family business in 1984, following the wishes of founder Friedrich Peltzer as expressed in his legacy statement. Naturally, this issue also includes a review of the latest products introduced 25 and 50 years ago as well as a diorama. It tells the energetic story of life by the harbour pier in the 1960s.

Annual reading for model passion

The WIKING Magazine 2021 builds a bridge to the present time and looks back on the new products and model upgrades that were released last year.


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