Noch 44070 Kullerstensväg, 1 meter, 25 mm bred

Kullerstensväg, 1 meter, 25 mm bred

Kullerstensväg, 1 meter, 25 mm bred

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Kullerstensväg, 1 meter, 25 mm bred.

It doesn't get more flexible than this!

NOCH Road Crepe Paper

The "Cobblestones" are ideal for recreating true-to-original roads, paths and squares. There is also always something going on in a model railway scene: whether it’s in the city or the countryside, the "Cobblestones" can be used to customise your scene in a perfect way. Traffic makes its way through the landscape, pedestrians enjoy the fresh air as they spend a nice day in the city, which has been designed with cobblestones. Bring lifelike scenes to your model landscape and make it idyllic. With the high-quality textures in the "Cobblestones", deceptively real eyecatchers can be realised on a diorama.

The material's advantages convince: The NOCH Road Crepe is auto-adhesive, especially stretchable, resistant against tearing - and, above all, easy to process. Curves in particular can be re-created with the NOCH Crepe very efficiently. Furthermore, the NOCH Crepe is ideally suited for the FALLER Car-System.


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