Märklin 86501 Rälsrengörningsvagn
1:220 DC



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Rälsrengörningsvagn typ Eaos, rälsrengörningssystem 'System Jörger'
På vagnens undersida finns ett fjädrande fäste för specialfilten. En filt är redan monterad, 2 extra filtar medföljer, en tyngd är placerad i den öppna godsvagnen.
Längd 63 mm.

  • Reworked for Era IV.
  • Car number 534 6 452-5.
  • Two additional special felt pads included.
  • Model: "Jörger System" track cleaning car. This freight car has a special spring-loaded holder on the underside for a special felt pad. A special felt pad is already installed on the car. Replacement felt pads are included with the car. The gondola has additional weight.
    Length over buffers 63 mm / 2-1/2".

    The "Jörger System" track cleaning car gently cleans the railhead of the track with a special felt pad. This means that this track cleaning car can be run constantly as part of a train and provides completely independent cleaning of the track. A spring-loaded holder for a special felt pad is mounted on the underside of the car. The weight in the gondola provides an extra light downward pressure for the pad. This special felt pad can be removed easily by hand from its holder and replaced with another pad. Two additional special felt pads are included with the track cleaning car. Dirty felt pads that have been replaced on the car can be used again. Just put them in a small cloth bag and include them in your next wash on laundry day. We still recommend that you also clean the track by hand at regular intervals.


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