Faller 212113 Station "Bonn"

Station "Bonn"

Station "Bonn"


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Station "Bonn".

A construction dating back from the Wilhelminian period, in a neo-classical style with a world famous name. For 100 years the star of many »large railway stations«. Now, as a model it represents the star of the FALLER railway station concept. The beautiful richness of design which was partially reproduced from the original, the excellent reproduction of the many details captured by the remarkable delicate engravings and the variety of accessories make this construction kit the star model of every layout. The railway station »Bonn« already has a grand format with approx. 500 mm length.
With the various models from the railway station concept »Bonn«, interesting railway station complexes can be built with the glass covered structure (art. 222128) and the platform (art. 222119). Because of the combination alternatives of the individual models the options range from a small suburban railway station to a grand main station.

Many accessories which realistically enliven the appearance of the station such as: route indicators, loudspeakers, clocks, wastepaper bins, train-formation indication boards, benches, timetable boards, illuminated kiosk, luggage lockers, ticket offices and various advertising signs. Particularly interesting effects are obtained when illuminating the central reception building. Kiosk, ticket office, intermediate and corner buildings can also be illuminated. Assembling the model is considerably simplified in that the various blocks of the building aisles are separately assembled and then joined to form the entire building.
This building kit contains: 552 single parts in 9 colours, window parts, 8 paper masks, 2 decorations and 1 construction instruction.
Use for handicrafts FALLER - plastic glue.
504 x 127 x 110 mm


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