Märklin 18033 Lanz Bulldog Convertible

Lanz Bulldog Convertible

Lanz Bulldog Convertible
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Lanz Bulldog Convertible

Fast Bulldog Convertible

This is mostly new tooling for a Lanz Fast Bulldog with a convertible top. The vehicle is constructed mostly of metal. This is a version with a figure of a driver and an exhaust pipe. The metal wheels have rubber tires. Vehicle length approximately 7.5 cm / 2-15/16'.

Lanz Fast Bulldog Convertible as it can still be seen at times today.

The 18033 Lanz Fast Bulldog Convertible is being produced in 2019 in a one-time series only for Insider members.

Superstructures constructed mostly of metal. The perfect addition to the popular series of replica vehicles such as 18023, 18032, 18031, 18034, 18029 or 18030. Certificate of authenticity. Historic design for the box packaging.

Bulldog with a Fast Gear


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