Wiking 51324 Box semi-trailer (MB Pullman) "Freyaldenhoven"

Box semi-trailer (MB Pullman) "Freyaldenhoven"

Box semi-trailer (MB Pullman) 'Freyaldenhoven'
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Box semi-trailer (MB Pullman) 'Freyaldenhoven'

Forwarder classic from Freyaldenhoven complements WIKING theme

Hauling freight for Internationaler Kraftverkehr Freyaldenhoven, the real-life originals once handled all long-distance traffic. Crafted as a typical box semi-trailer with Ackermann semi-trailer, the Mercedes-Benz Pullman boasts an authentic design that illustrates the prevalent desire in the 1950s to stand out with a customised fleet. The end product is, yet again, a gorgeous classic that is perfectly true to the original serving in the fleet of forwarder Freyaldenhoven, who earned renown not only with their hauls across Germany but also with transport trips that stood out from the ordinary as has already been demonstrated by previous WIKING models.


Fixed-time deliveries and scheduled service

Drivers cab with rear window black-blue, radiator grille grey-white. Sandy yellow interior with black steering wheel. Dark agate grey chassis with cardan part, silver fifth wheel plate and pastel blue wheels. Front radiator grille with silver frame and silver Mercedes-Benz star, pastel blue bumper. Indicators signal orange. Drivers cab doors with Freyaldenhoven logo, door handles and ornamental strips painted silver. Semi-trailer with black-blue box lower part and pastel blue upper part plus roof in dark agate grey, box doors also dark agate grey. Rear fenders and support rollers in pastel blue. Wheels pastel blue. Front of the roof with white Ackermann wings. On the side, red lettering Internationale Kraftverkehre Freyaldenhoven forwarding company with signal red letters and white shading.


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