Noch 60861 Vatten, "Vågor och bubbel", 150 ml

Vatten, "Vågor och bubbel", 150 ml

Vatten, "Vågor och bubbel", 150 ml

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Vatten, "Vågor och bubbel", 150 ml.


It Flows, Bubbles and Whooshes - Water in Motion
Water structuring is one of the most sophisticated topics in model landscaping. To enable you to easily and quickly achieve the best results, NOCH has developed three new water products. The improvements and innovations are in the details: all three new items are completely (real) water-based! This is not only good for the environment, but also enables you to work on every surface, even polystyrene. Just clean the tool with water after use.

So far, a modeller could only choose from the NOCH range the established Water Effects. To form for example high waves on a beach for surfers or a diorama with ships on the high seas, we have developed »Waves and Billows«.
»Waves & Billows« is a substance, which is applied on the water surface with the help of a small spatula or toothpick. After rough modelling, let the mass sit for half an hour, before giving it the desired shape by forming with your spatula, toothpick or coarse brush.


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