Wiking 95003 Container tractor trailer (MB) "ASG"

Container tractor trailer (MB) "ASG"

Container tractor trailer (MB) "ASG"

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Container tractor trailer (MB) "ASG".

A favourite on the 1:87 scale, this model is also a must-have in 1:160 format. WIKING is now introducing the Mercedes-Benz container tractor-trailer of the SK generation in N-gauge and in the colours of the ASG corporation. The former Swedish transport company enjoys great popularity, largely on account of its unique corporate design.

Character of model
SK generation in the colours of the Swedish ASG corporation

Sapphire blue driver's cab with black-grey chassis, roof spoiler melon yellow. Semi-trailer with black-grey chassis and sapphire blue container. Double fenders in black grey. Driver's cab with hand-painted headlamps plus silver Mercedes-Benz star and black grille surface. Roof spoiler with sapphire-blue ASG logo. Melon yellow ASG logo on the side with a dominant arrow look and white notice Transport-Spedition.