Fleischmann 725100 Diesel electric double locomotive 288 002-9, DB
1:160 DB IV DC Analog

Diesel electric double locomotive 288 002-9, DB

Diesel electric double locomotive 288 002-9, DB

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Diesel electric double locomotive 288 002-9, DB, med snabbkontakt för digitaldekoder Next18, längd över buffertar 141 mm, epok IV.

Diesel electric double locomotive 288 002 of the Deutsche Bundesbahn.

Completely new design!

Rich detailing on the model with separately applied plug-in parts
Extra ventilation grilles mounted under the arched roof
Frame trims with four sandboxes each and INDUSI reproduction
3 headlights and two red tail lights, depending on driving direction
Driver's cab and engine room lighting installed; switchable in digital mode

In 1941 and 1942, four double locomotives of the type D 311 were put into service by the German Wehrmacht. They had been built to pull heavy railway guns. Two locomotives, class V 188 001 a/b and class V 188 002 a/b, continued to be used by the Deutsche Bundesbahn after the war. A third locomotive served as a spare parts donor. They proved their worth in the heavy goods train and shunting service, mainly on the "Spessart" ramp. After the generator was damaged, the V 1088 001 needed to be dismantled as early as 1968. The V 188 002, later designated as 288 002, was still operating in the Franconian area until 1972. In 1973 both engines were scrapped. 

Coupling: NEM shaft 355 with close coupling mechanism
Minimum radius: 192 mm
Number of axles with traction tyres: 2
Number of driven axles: 2
Flywheel: yes
Interface: Electrical interface for traction units Next18
Head light: Two direction dependent tail lights and dual headlights.
LED head light: yes
Length over buffer: 141 mm


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