Roco 73127 Ellok klass 1020.027 ÖBB med ljudmodul
1:87 ÖBB V DC Digital Ljud

Ellok klass 1020.027 ÖBB med ljudmodul

Ellok klass 1020.027 ÖBB

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Ellok klass 1020.027 ÖBB, loket har digitaldekoder med ljudmodul, längd över buffertar 213 mm, epok V.

Electric locomotive 1020.027 of the Austrian Federal Railways.

* Wheelsets with low wheel flanges
* Model with handrails and handles made of metal
■ Model in fir green livery
■ ÖBB logo decals attached to the package

* Model with switchable driver's cab illumination
■ Headlights and taillights are digitally switchable

At the end of the war, 44 class E 94 locomotives of the DRG were counted in Austria. In 1952, the ÖBB ordered three more locomotives. The series designation was changed from E 94 to series 1020 in 1954. The class 1020 locomotive was used for more than five decades in goods train and ramp services in almost all Austria.

The livery of class 1020 changed over the years from fir green to blood orange and traffic red. Not all machines were painted in these colours. After the last three fir-green reproduction machines left the vehicle fleet in 1985, there were no green 1020s left for operation. Only in 1990, 1020 042 was painted in fir green and was from then on also available for nostalgic purposes (e.g., like a locomotive to haul the Nostalgie-Orient-Express).

About a year later, 1020 047 was also painted fir green. Two additional green decorative lines were applied to the locomotive body and one delicate line to each of the stems. Compared to 1020 042, 1020 027 was still covered with ÖBB logos, which were later removed again.

Number of axles with traction tyres: 2
Number of driven axles: 6
Coupling: NEM shaft 362 without close coupling mechanism
Minimum radius: 358 mm
Flywheel: yes
Sound: yes
Interface: Electrical interface for traction units PluX22
Head light: Digitally switchable triple front headlights
Additional light function: yes
Motor: 5-pole motor
Interior lighting: Yes
Interior lighting: LED
Interior lighting: Digital switchable
Interior lighting: Driver's cab lighting
Digital decoder: PluX22
LED head light: yes
Length over buffer: 213 mm


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