Wiking 17101 Forklift truck (Clark) - pale green

Forklift truck (Clark) - pale green

Forklift truck (Clark) - pale green

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Forklift truck (Clark) - pale green.

1:87 Clark forklift truck miniaturised based on WIKING original.

WIKING themselves delivered the prototype - while its history was written by the post-war years: When the Allies pushed forward with the reconstruction of the country, they brought American industry as an aid for economic development right along with them. Also on board was US manufacturer Clark, who manufactured the forklifts desperately needed in the Ruhr region under licence and also ended up selling them with great success with the support of a WIKING advertising model. In the early 1950s, master model maker Alfred Kedzierski created the Clark forklift truck as a 1:25 scale model. Nearly 65 years later, the same model was transfigured into a filigree 1:87 forklift that serves as a reminiscence of the lifting equipment generation in the post-war years. Sometimes you do not have to look far as the most beautiful prototypes are undoubtedly made by WIKING themselves. No one else but WIKING can muster as much brand history and model-making continuity. The model is now unveiled with the same perfection as a 1:87 incarnation after the designers managed to accurately scale down the model details of the 1:25 prototype and to incorporate them with painstaking accuracy. The 1:87 scale miniature of the chassis with superstructure looks just as compact as the original. This iteration of the forklift truck also sports a tilting forklift mast with a movable fork. Moreover, a separate seat and a new steering wheel with attached console have been inserted as well.


Licensed lifting equipment from the Ruhr Valley.

Body and chassis as well as forklift mast and fork pale green. Steering wheel, seat and tyres black. White ornamental strips all around as well as white Clark lettering on the rear. White Clark lettering on the side of the forklift mast. Wheels in contrasting yellow.




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