Wiking 50305 Low-loader truck-trailer comb. (Magirus Deutz) "Magirus"

Low-loader truck-trailer comb. (Magirus Deutz) "Magirus"

Low-loader truck-trailer comb. (Magirus Deutz) 'Magirus'
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Low-loader truck-trailer comb. (Magirus Deutz) 'Magirus'

The heavy-duty hood of the last Magirus generation

It is the last generation of proud square hoods. As a tractor unit, WIKING is now also making the Magirus-Deutz ready for heavy transport. It is celebrating its premiere in the company colours of the Ulm-based lorry manufacturer and with precious Deutz engine freight. As early as 1971, the german construction heavy-duty vehicles had already made a good name for themselves. For the most part, as at WIKING, they started out with Meiller tippers. Making new from old WIKING has succeeded in combining old and new components. The square hood cab of 1974 will in future be given new honours and also receive a new radiator grille. As early as 1974, the last generation with the Magirus-Deutz lettering and stylised silhouette of the Ulm Münster on the radiator grille was to continue the time line of the square hood at WIKING. The Magirus-Deutz 232 D 22 AK appeared as a steel flatbed and tipper trailer with Meiller superstructure, of course. They were to become indispensable regulars among the 1:87 construction vehicles, not least because the series was carried by the image of the German heavy-duty construction vehicle. From now on the square hood will also be able to develop its model power as a tractor unit.


Deutz engines to all corners of the world

Tractor unit with driver's cab, chassis and cardan part, as well as wheel rims carmine red. Interior basalt grey. Fifth wheel plate silver. Fenders black-grey. Headlamps hand-painted in silver. Grille surface imprinted black-grey and central silver-painted Magirus logo. Door handles, fenders, step edges, handle and Magirus logo in silver. Rear lamps crimson red. Semi-trailer with floor panel with texturing in ivory and brown-beige. Low-loader and wheel rims carmine red. Double fenders black-grey. Transport crate with textured effect ivory and brown-beige. Side design with carmine red Magirus logo and Magirus-Deutz lettering. Black-white imprinted engine image. Floor panel with two silver-painted stripes.