Wiking 55402 Stanchion trailer truck MB3850 'Rheinkraft-Spedition)

Stanchion trailer truck MB3850 "Rheinkraft-Spedition)

Stanchion trailer truck MB3850 'Rheinkraft-Spedition)
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Stanchion trailer truck MB3850 'Rheinkraft-Spedition)

For carrying steel and iron girders the stanchion trailer truck was the only choice

Tractor unit with upper part of driver's cab sapphire blue and lower part in traffic red with fenders and bumper. Traffic red radiator grille with silver Mercedes-Benz star. Interior light grey. Intake manifold, mirror set and sun visor black. Bumper apron with chassis and cardan part, as well as wheels, traffic red. Rear double fenders sapphire blue, fifth wheel plate silver. Driver's cab roof with surface imprinted white. Front imprint with Rheinkraft-Spedition' lettering. Driver's cab sides with two-line company imprint 'Rheinkraft-Spedition Duisburg'. Platform with rear underride protection sapphire blue, lower part of platform with support rollers and wheels traffic red. Stanchions, double fenders and retaining plate sapphire blue, chains black. Rear tail lights traffic red.'


Special trailer of steel logistics expert


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