Wiking 14301 MB 220 S Cabrio - ruby red

MB 220 S Cabrio - ruby red

MB 220 S Cabrio - ruby red

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MB 220 S Cabrio - ruby red.

Ruby red convertible in the elegant style of the 1950s The ruby red Mercedes Benz 220 S cruised into the age of the Economic Miracle with all the convertible elegance the 50s could muster.

WIKING has revitalised this classic from historic moulds and based on the creation conceived by legendary master model maker Alfred Kedzierski and has refined it further with a new interior.
This brings out the aesthetics of post-war automotive history in the 1:87 scale model range in rich detail.

This Mercedes Benz has remained an automotive legend - both as a model and in the original. When production of the 220 Cabrio ended in 1960, the era of the Ponton vehicles on German roads slowly came to a close as well - the total of 220 S Cabrios that rolled off the belts at Mercedes-Benz came to only a few hundred convertibles.
WIKING has used historic moulds to breathe new life into this model and has turned it into a real head-turner with great attention to detail and tremendous model-making craftsmanship. 1958-60 New interior for a classic Mercedes

Body ruby red with clear coat finishing, steering wheel and open folding top pearl white, front seats and rear bench seat in ochre. Chassis with floor panel as well as radiator grille with Mercedes-Benz star finished with chrome silver. Radiator grille imprinted with black surfaces, silver model designation “220 S” printed on the rear, and front turn signal strips on the fenders. Headlamps painted silver, rear lights carmine red. Wheel rims with Mercedes-Benz star imprinted silver. Side door handles and ornamental strips painted silver. Tyres with white wall rings.


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