Wiking 49002 Flatbed road train (MB Pullman) "Ruhr Intrans"

Flatbed road train (MB Pullman) "Ruhr Intrans"

Flatbed road train (MB Pullman) "Ruhr Intrans"

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Flatbed road train (MB Pullman) "Ruhr Intrans".

This is how Clark forklifts travelled from the Ruhr to the Republic.

This is how Clark forklifts produced under the Clark licence embarked on their journey from the Ruhr Valley – on a Mercedes-Benz Pullman with low-loader trailer decked out in the colours of Ruhr Intrans. The history of the Clark forklift truck exemplified the times when all of Germany was absorbed in rebuilding the economy in the nineteen fifties. And, Hugo Stinnes in Mülheim was no exception: the company opened a repair service for forklift trucks made by US manufacturer Clark in 1947 and started building the first Clark units under licence in 1952. The Allies had brought the work equipment to the newly pacified Germany, while the sales force of Clark had discovered the young Federal Republic’s as a new market – the strategy was to be crowned with success. WIKING uses the launch of the 1:87 forklift miniature as an opportunity to pair the forklift with a Mercedes-Benz Pullman that is modelled after the historic 1:25 advertising model.


Tractor-trailer combo for Clark forklift deliveries.

Driver’s cab with chassis, cardan shaft, wheel rims and flatbed coral red. Interior grey, Saddle plate silver. Radiator grille surface imprinted pearl white, Mercedes-Benz star with ornamental frame imprinted silver. Driver's cab with silver decorative double strips on the sides. Pearl white central belt on the driver's cab with Clark lettering on the sides. Tail lights imprinted traffic red. Dolly with fenders, swing axle, draw-bar and wheel rims just as coral red as the low-loader with ramp. Cable winch silver. Decorative double strips on the sides as well as pearl white Ruhr Intrans lettering in white.



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