Lux Modellbau 9470 Rälsrengörningsvagn / slipvagn N-skala
1:160 DC Analog Digital

Rälsrengörningsvagn / slipvagn N-skala

Rälsrengörningsvagn / slipvagn N-skala

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Rälsrengörningsvagn / slipvagn N-skala.

Rail grinding car (Item No. 9470)
for all N-track and control systems analog and digital
With SSF-09 control electronics (automatic start / stop function) and Faulhaber¹ motor.

N-rail grinding carriage Art.-No. 9470

Technical specifications:
The vehicle was designed taking into account the standards of European model railways and is protected by patent. The rail grinding carriage can be used with commercially available half-wave and pulse width controls.

Important! The control board carried in the vehicle protects the motor from overvoltage and ensures that the circular blanks rotate in the same direction.
Power supply 0-25 volts DC
Current consumption approx. 200 mA
max.motor voltage 2 volts DC
Standard coupling NEM 356
Weight approx. 56 grams
Height above rails upper edge 31.5 mm
Length ü. Buffer 111 mm
Width 21.8 mm

With the N-rail grinding car you can remove ...
stuck oil and dirt residues
Deposits from traction tire wear
Oxide layers on the rail head
... and thus achieve:
significantly higher operating hours of the vehicles
safe power take-off from the rail
trouble-free driving
The fully functional, mobile N-rail grinding car for all N-track and control systems was specially developed to remove stuck oil and dirt residues on the rails. Even the finest dirt on the rail head can lead to significant operational disruptions.
By installing the innovative and reliable cleaning technology in a rail vehicle, even particularly inaccessible areas of your track system such as tunnels, shadow stations and catenary-spanned track systems can be cleaned without any problems. The maintenance-free operating times of the rail vehicles can thus be increased significantly and reliable power consumption from the rail is achieved.

The rail grinding car is supplied with power via the traction voltage and can be pulled or pushed by standard traction vehicles. He has no drive to move. The vehicle is equipped with a 4-point power consumption. The cleaning technology is driven by a durable and maintenance-free bell armature motor (Faulhaber1). The drive block is completely closed and thus optimally protected against contamination.

The innovative control electronics SSF-09 (automatic start / stop function) work based on movement. When the car is moved on the powered track (pulled or pushed by a locomotive), the cleaning technology switches on automatically. If the moving, activated cleaning trolley comes to a stop (e.g. signal stop), the cleaning technology switches off automatically.

The cleaning trolley can be used on analogue and digitally controlled systems. The battery station carried in the grinding carriage and charged via the track voltage buffers the cleaning technology motor in the event of a power failure on the rail (e.g. due to dirt). In this way, we maintain the cleaning effect of the rail grinding car even on short, currentless track sections.

The high-speed, radial-acting cleaning technology runs rotating over the rail head and can be adjusted using a height adjustment screw. Due to the arrangement of the bogies, the rail grinding car is particularly safe to run in the curve and switch areas. A special curve linkage of the polishing discs ensures an optimal cleaning effect even on complicated routes.

The predominantly soft polishing materials also lie slightly around the rail head and thus clean the extremely critical inside
of the profile head with the lowest possible static friction. The particularly good accessibility of the cleaning technology makes changing (renewing) the polishing blank very easy. Various materials are available for cleaning the track systems. The N-rail grinding carriage is equipped with felt discs (item no. 9417) as standard.

An Fe2 N scrap collector (item no. 9475) for collecting ferrous deposits (nails, screws, chips) in the entire track area will soon be available as an accessory kit for all N-rail grinding cars. Can only be used to a limited extent with reed contacts.


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