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RhB Class ABe 4 4 Powered Rail Car, Road Number 30

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RhB Class ABe 4 4 Powered Rail Car, Road Number 30
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RhB Class ABe 4/4 Powered Rail Car, Road Number 30

RhB Class ABe 4/4 Powered Rail Car, Road Number 30

This is a model of the RhB class Abe 4/4 powered rail car for use on the Bernina Line. The unit is in the yellow paint scheme of the beginning of the Bernina Railroad, thus as it is still used currently as a museum unit. The paint scheme and lettering are prototypical for Era VI. All four wheelsets are driven by two powerful Bühler motors. The model has an mfx/DCC decoder with many light and sound functions. It also has interior details, the doors can be opened, the model has traction tires, and there is cab lighting. Length over the buffers 64 cm / 25-3/16".

Fourteen units of this powered rail car were delivered as early as the opening of the Bernina Railroad between 1908 and 1910. In 1943, the Bernina Railroad was taken over by the Rhaetian Railroad (RhB), including these powered rail cars they had not yet reached the end of their useful lives. However, their performance left something to be desired. The RhB thus began to update the existing units in its own shops. The most striking thing was the replacement of the "harp" pantographs with a double-arm pantograph and the conversion of the acceleration and braking resistors. The latter were previously installed under the car body and were now up on the roof. The delivery of new powered rail cars pushed these units increasingly into lesser duties. However, they were not retired at the grand old age of 100 years until the new Allegra powered rail cars were delivered in 2010. Yet two powered rail cars road numbers 30 and 34 survived. Restored to their original yellow paint scheme, they are still currently used in special train service pulling historic trains.

A passenger car to go with this model is available under item number 30563, another observation car under item number 34252, and a boxcar example, for bicycle transport under item number 45302.


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