Wiking 33402 DKW speedvan bus - blue/ pearl white

DKW speedvan bus - blue/ pearl white

DKW speedvan bus - blue/ pearl white

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DKW speedvan bus - blue/ pearl white.

Capturing the spirit of the time, WIKING is reflecting the contemporary bicolour design of the DKW speed van bus by contrasting the pearl white flanks with the blue colour of the body. Always striking a well-balanced and attractive figure, the contrasting design of the body proved to be the option of choice for the bus versions in the 1950s and 1960s. It was intended to come across as classy and, of course, capture attention. With the legendary DKW speed van bus WIKING is adding yet another representative to the line of Germany Economic Miracle buses. From 1955 to 1962 the Type 3 DKW speed van bus was built with a three cylinder 896 cc engine of 32 HP. Valued as a versatile vehicle for the first transport tasks of delivery and distribution, the DKW transporter was also outfitted and delivered as a minibus. The prototype was designated at the factory as “3=6” because, according to a quite daring advertising copy from Auto Union at the time, its engine provided “three power pulses per crankshaft rotation, just like a four-stroke six cylinder engine”.

Year manufacture

Character of model
Classy bicolour design for the DKW minibus

Body blue with flanks and rear imprinted pearl white. Bumpers and chassis blue as well. Interior brown-beige. Inserted steering wheel, black. Inserted sunroof and wheels pearl white. Front with silver ornamental strips, DKW logo and lettering 3=6. Silver side ornamental strips and door handles. Additional silver DKW logo on the rear with door handle and ornamental strips. Tail lights and reflectors red. Wheels with silver hubcaps.


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