Preiser 13406 80-årsjubileum" Charles de Gaulles"

80-årsjubileum" Charles de Gaulles"

80-årsjubileum" Charles de Gaulles"

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80-årsjubileum" Charles de Gaulles".

Charles de Gaulle's appeal to the French to fight against the German occupiers, June 18, 1940: “To all French. France has lost a battle! But France did not lose the war! Government forces surrendering to the panic and forgetting their honor were able to capitulate and hand the country over to servitude. Still, nothing is lost! Nothing is lost because this war is a world war. The mighty forces of the free universe have not given up yet. One day these forces will crush the enemy. And then, on that day, France must be there to win. Then it will regain its freedom and greatness. This is my goal, my only goal! That is why I call on all French people, wherever they are, to join me in the struggle, in the spirit of sacrifice, in confidence. Our country is in mortal danger. Let's fight together to save it. Long live France!"


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