Wiking 52103 Box semi-trailer (Chevrolet) "John Deere"

Box semi-trailer (Chevrolet) "John Deere"

Box semi-trailer (Chevrolet) "John Deere"

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Box semi-trailer (Chevrolet) "John Deere".

John Deere has always considered good service as a point of honour.

Like everywhere else, the farmers in the USA have relied on the longevity of their agricultural machines. No wonder that John Deere early on pushed for an on-time spare part express service that ultimately earned them an excellent reputation. The Chevrolet lorry from WIKING’s model history thus embodies an attractive vehicle in a contemporary work setting. What is more, this model enjoys tremendous appreciation today as a US milestone in the wide WIKING world of small miniatures. While hard to believe, it was five decades ago that WIKING took everyone by surprise by adding an America feeling to their line-up of model vehicles by unveiling the Chevrolet lorry. When it was first introduced, the Chevrolet with its pointed fenders sharply deviated from the design language applied to the lorries produced in Germany.


Spare part express for US farmers.

Tractor unit with grass-green driver's cab plus black chassis and zinc yellow wheel rims. Saddle plate grass-green. Headlamps painted silver and indicators imprinted traffic orange. Grille engraving imprinted silver. Roof lights painted silver, logo likewise printed silver. Grass-green box on likewise grass-green chassis with support stands. Wheel rims zinc yellow. Roof surface in zinc yellow. John Deere logo with information about spare parts printed on the flanks of the box.



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