Märklin 58347 Personvagn 2.a klass Bnb 19 'Silver Coins' typ DB
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Personvagn 2.a klass Bnb 19 "Silver Coins" typ DB

Personvagn 2:a klass Bnb 19 'Silver Coins' typ DB
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Personvagn 2
a klass Bnb 19 'Silver Coins' typ DB

Silberlinge / 'Silver Coins' Commuter Car

The car body is intricately constructed of plastic with complete interior details and many separately applied details. It has an original reproduction of the typical peacock's eye pattern. The car has a detailed car floor specific to the car type. The trucks are Minden-Deutz design with conventional double brake shoes and a separately applied generator. The car has built-in interior lighting and marker lights, which can be controlled digitally with a factory-installed digital decoder. The interior lighting will work in conventional operation. Maintenance-free, warm white LED's are used for the lighting. The couplers are mounted in close coupler guide mechanisms. Scale length 82.5 cm / 32-1/2'. The minimum radius for operation is 1,020 mm / 40-3/16' (for operation with parallel curves 1,550 mm / 61').

German Federal Railroad (DB) type BnB 719 'Silberlinge' / 'Silver Coins' commuter car, 2nd class as it looked in Era IV. Car number 508022-12232-1.

Car body intricately constructed of plastic with many separately applied details and original reproduction of the peacock's eye pattern.Scale length 82.5 cm / 32-1/2'.Digital decoder for controlling the interior lighting and marker lights.

Silberling / 'Silver Coin'

Starting in 1959, commuter cars were built in large numbers and left their mark on entire generations the so-called 'Silberlinge' / 'Silver Coins'. A characteristic feature of these cars was the extravagant exterior appearance
The car body consisted of


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