Model Craft PGS4400 Green stuff modelling putty

Green stuff modelling putty

Green stuff modelling putty

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Green stuff modelling putty.

• Two-part modelling putty
• Ideal for adding detail or sculpting models
• Once mixed remains malleable for up to 90mins & cures within 24hrs
• Original formula Kneadatite Green Stuff
• Once cured can be carved, sanded and drilled as required

Modelcraft Green Stuff

This two-part modelling putty is ideal for sculpting details, scratch building models and parts, filling gaps, repair and restoration work. Once mixed it has a work life of 90 minutes, allowing time for shaping and detailing. After 24 hours the putty will harden but remain bendable with no brittleness, allowing the material to be worked further by carving, sanding and drilling.

It is recommended to use a little water to keep fingers & tools wet whilst sculpting.


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