Noch 21817 Tall, 1 st, 18,5 cm

Tall, 1 st, 18,5 cm

Tall, 1 st, 18,5 cm

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Tall, 1 st, 18,5 cm.

It Gives You the Feeling You’re Standing in the Forest!

For a mixed forest or coniferous forest, the Spruce Tree is ideally suited to obtaining an even more detailed forest scene. The new flocking makes it look even more realistic than ever before and gives you the feeling of standing in a real forest between large conifers. Trees lend every landscape an authentic appearance and should not be missing at any time of the year! Whether blooming prettily in spring, full of foliage in autumn or with a beautiful blanket of snow in winter, trees blossom in a variety of colours in every season. Is your designed diorama still lacking realistic spruces? Then these are the right ones for you and will quickly enchant your landscape to become a realistic-looking eye-catcher.

This Spruce is available for H0, TT and N gauge.

This tree is part of the NOCH PROFI tree series and meets the highest standards of quality and realism. See for yourself!


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