OcCre 13600 Fartyg Corsair

Fartyg Corsair

Fartyg Corsair
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Fartyg Corsair, brigg, byggsats i trä, komplett, med mässing, nysilverdetaljer m.m.

Skala 1:80
Längd 66 cm
Bredd 26 cm
Höjd 58 cm

Discover one of the jewels of ship modelling, which will allow you to enjoy marvellous moments and relive the age in which these majestic ships sailed the oceans. The reproduction of the model is faithful to the original.
This originally merchant brigantine was transformed when it got into the hands of the corsairs, and fitted out with 16 cannons and 4 falconets, which all helped them to carry out their misdeeds with better chances of success.
The corsair's 'trade' was in many cases practiced with the permission of the state, giving them carte blanche for piracy.
Our model kits will provide you with all the elements necessary to ensure the reality of your model ship, down to the smallest imaginable naval detail. We hope that you will enjoy your love of ship modelling with the Brig Corsair, a splendid model ship that will provide you with lengthy periods of creative leisure.


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