Wiking 87067 Unimog U 411 'Glück Auf'

Unimog U 411 "Glück Auf"

Unimog U 411 'Glück Auf'
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Unimog U 411 'Glück Auf'

Première of the legendary jack-of-all-trade under the ox head crest

The ox-head embellishing the bonnet harks back to the time when the ingenious engineers at Boehringer breathed life into the Unimog. It was intended to serve as an all-purpose vehicle for all transport and pulling tasks in agriculture, forestry and the transport business. The prototype of the Glück Auf Unimog was used on a myriad of coal yards, which were responsible for hauling the vital and therefore highly sought-after fuels from train stations to stockpiles, where they would be bagged before disappearing in the basements of the households. The substantially improved level of detail achieved during finishing created a WIKING Unimog with contemporary authenticity. This can be attributed to the wheel rims and the characteristic soft top. The prototype, which was later to become a legend under the moniker of Unimog, was first introduced at the DLG exhibition held in 1948. The Boehringer brothers waited no longer than March of 1949 to start volume production of this tractor unit for agriculture and forestry in Göppingen. In 1951, production was moved to the Gaggenau, which served as a Unimog location for decades after Daimler-Benz took charge of the model family.


Mining vehicle with all-wheel drive

Chassis with cardan part in black, interior mouse grey, body in black. Mouse grey flatbed insert. Black steering wheel, mouse grey folding top. Carmine red wheel rims. Unimog lettering and red-silver ox head crest on the front. Flatbed flanks with silver Unimog lettering. Drivers cab doors with Glück Auf logo imprinted silver. Indicators, imprinted orange. Window surrounds imprinted black.


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