Mamoli MV43 Puritan Coppa America 1885

Puritan Coppa America 1885

Puritan Coppa America 1885

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Puritan Coppa America 1885, byggsats med träskrov.
Längd 880 mm, höjd 935 mm.

Scale: 1/50

Length: 880mm, Height: 935mm

Planned by Edward Burgess, Puritan was a sloop of a little less than 30 metres with a good width and a sliding keel which is characteristic of American boats of that class. She also had a certain draught and part of the ballast was fastened to the keel like English cutters. She was therefore a fairly sure boat. In 1885, under Captain Aubrey Crocker's command, she defended the America's Cup against the English cutter Ginesta, winning in only two races, the first one with light wind, the second with wind of over 20 knots, confirming the superiority of the American hulls of this type of regatta. The scale in which we have produced our kit is 1:50, which shows every detail of the real structure. The model can be constructed both as static (with the second visible planking in mahogany or painted according to preference) or sailing following the indications to make the hull waterproof. No provision has been made



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